Work-based Learning Collaborative Strategic Planning
What is work-based learning, anyway?

In simple terms, it is learning about work, at work. Work-based learning happens through several different structures, for example:

WBL Internships

Work-site tours and job shadows

Brief, observational, onsite visits to work places.

Work site tours and job shadows


Short-term on-the-job experiences (3-6 months). Can be paid or unpaid, focuses on career exploration.

Work site tours and job shadows


1-5 year commitment, pairing classroom instruction with paid, supervised, on-the-job training leading to industry recognized credential(s).

Work-based Learning Continuum

Our Vision

Every young adult in Montana will have multiple pathways to economic self-sufficiency, supported by a statewide work-based learning system that honors the potential of students and addresses the workforce needs of Montana businesses, today and tomorrow.

Why now?

Work-based learning opportunities span a continuum from workplace tours to youth apprenticeship (and many models in between). While large employers may have the capacity to offer work-based learning experiences for students, small employers often become quickly overwhelmed trying to navigate work-based learning.

From a policy perspective, there are components of work-based learning in the K-12 education system, the postsecondary education system, and the public workforce system – but no single entry point for students or employers to access them, and limited coordination across agencies.

Who We Are

A cross-section of public and private sector organizations with a stake in work-based learning, determined to work together to find a better way to ensure Montana students, educators, and businesses are supported by high-quality, accessible, relevant, and measurable work-based learning opportunities.

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Benefits of Teacher Externships


Grow your talent pipeline through high-quality work-based learning.


Help students connect their classroom learning to their future careers.


Explore your career interests through on-the-job learning.

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